Philosophy, as it is well known, begins in Wonder … Where is the beginning of the Social Science we do not fully understand. Nevertheless, we do imagine there is a thing without which it finishes even before getting started! A little time ago Emile Durkheim realised it and wrote the following:  “Comparative sociology is not a particular branch of sociology; it is a sociology itself, in so far as it ceases to be purely descriptive and aspires to account for facts” in 1895.

Any sociological study always includes an element of comparison. Even if we do not use the words like “comparative”, «сравнительный», “vergleichend”«порівняльний»比較 or even“Öтластитана”, the very necessity of building models, providing criteria (and even choosing between them!) forces us to look for similarities and differences between objects and events. Without the ability to do it properly, correctly and elegantly it is very difficult to create something good in all over so-called Humanities and Social Sciences. And therefore we invite you to the fascinating world of comparative studies where you can not only to learn something but also just to have fun. Sure you will like it to be here!

Kindly Faculty and Staff of the Comparative Sociology Chair//

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